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J.M. Gemini Recruitment Solutions have been the China experts in providing recruitment services to Multinational and foreign invested corporations since 1993. Our company is committed to providing a personal service to the China market. We endeavour to provide qualified staff recruiting temporary, permanent and executive levels, covering a wide range of industries.

We are specialized, but not limited to industries such as Manufacturing, Supply-Chain and Logistics, Retail, FMCG, Finance and many others.

We are recognised as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable companies in our field, and experts in the China region. We have a team of qualified recruitment consultants to cater for all your staffing needs.


China National Sales Manager Shanghai enter
China Sales Manager Shanghai enter
General Manager Shanghai enter
Operation Manager Shanghai enter
Admin Assistant Shanghai enter
Merchandising Director Shanghai enter
Manager – Advisory -AM Beijing enter
Manager & Senior Manager– SM Beijing enter
Senior Product Manager-SPM Shanghai enter
Marketing Director Shanghai enter
Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing Lead Nanjing, Jiangshu enter
Ocean Transportation Lead Shanghai enter

First Star CV

Cathay Li, 15+ years’ relevant working experience in sourcing and merchandising with international exposure and six+ years management experience. Cathay possesses strong international working experience and she was based in Singapore for several years during her time with Ikea. In Best Buy and Tesco, she he received excellent training and gained much experience in procurement and management. Her most recent assignment was with Honey Can Do, a foreign invested China sourcing office with around twenty employees. Cathay was responsible for sourcing from Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, and Greater China. Strong communication and negotiation skills. Solid furniture and hard goods knowledge and experience. Based in Shanghai and available immediately as she just returned from extensive travel.


Second Star CV

Helen Han, 15 years’ relevant working experience in supply chain/purchasing operating with international exposure and over ten years’ management experience. And she has over ten years’ experience in her current company, a famous company from Germany in cleaning technology and industry. With around 75 employees, she was responsible for supply chain management, leading the teams of production planning, procurement, warehouse, and shipping team, accomplishes day to day business operations in time, to provide high quality products and efficient service to customers. Strong communication and negotiation skills. Based in Ningbo.


please contact: enquiries@jmgemini.com

JM Gemini on LinkedIn

JM Gemini on LinkedIn

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